We were the first Nottingham City school to be awarded a national gold Go4it award for creativity, innovation and an adventure for learning with a positive attitude towards risk (

We have had Healthy Schools status since 2009 and this was most recently re-awarded in 2016.

  • Healthy Eating – all our food is freshly cooked at a local primary school.  Fresh fruit is provided daily for a healthy snack – parents are encouraged to contribute £1 a week for this which they post into a money box on Reception. Children have easy access to fresh filtered water at all times.
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development – all children belong to a key group and take part in group activities each day. Staff are trained in child protection ensuring the safety of children and adults. We have close links with Children’s Centres and Health Centres to enable signposting for parents to other services they may need or request.
  • Physical Activity – we have a great outdoor area with lots of space for running, climbing, riding bikes and playing with bats, balls, hoops and other equipment to develop gross motor skills, other activities such as drawing, cutting and jigsaws develop hand/eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.
  • Emotional Health and Well-being – We have a qualified and experienced SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co- Ordinator) to support children with additional needs, and their parents. Our physical environment is warm, clean and safe and we have facilities to support many different needs that children may have. Our ethos is to reflect the diverse population within our nursery and to promote positive self-esteem.

We have been awarded the International Schools Award as we celebrate and discover about out families’ communities and the world. Our Nursery community is culturally very diverse with over 20 languages spoken. Parents join us for days when we learn about the UK, Eastern Europe, Asia, Western Europe, Far East and Scandinavia, and we celebrate world religions and festivals such as Eid, Diwali, Christmas and Chinese New Year. We have 3 partner Nursery Schools – one in Norwich, one in Finland and one in Nantes in France. We also host German trainee nursery nurse students on placements from Karlsruhe, which is Nottingham City’s twin City.

We have achieved the Silver Eco-school award in recognition of our environmentally friendly building which harnesses solar power, has rainwater harvesting, a turf roof and is very energy efficient.

We have achieved the Learning Outside the Classroom Gold Award.  This makes us unique as a nursery school and one of only 20 schools with this award in the UK.  LOtC Mark is intended to recognise existing exemplary provision, and to support schools in enabling all children to have access to meaningful LOtC experiences. Full details can be found here

We have been awarded the Makaton Friendly badge in recognition of the work we are doing with Makaton to support language development.

  • Date: November, 2014